Why is Syncing Product Updates Taking so Long?

Learn why syncing product updates may take a long time even if only a few products have updates.

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Why is syncing Product Updates taking so long?

This article is prepared in an attempt to cover all the generic steps that can be followed if the product syncing process takes a long time.

We know things can break sometimes. Under this helpful article, you’ll see the possible issues and troubleshooting steps to fix when the product sync feature takes too long a time to synchronize prices and quantities of items.


Syncing product updates take a long time, even if only a few products have updates.


The inventory sync compares all products before applying the changes. For instance, if you have 10,000 SKUs, Webgility Desktop must receive all SKUs from QuickBooks, then receive all SKUs from the store, and then compare the list for differences.


  • Sync product updates when your business will not be impacted by a long sync time.

  • Decrease the batch size of the product sync row.

  • An excessive count of items can also cause throttling issues if the scheduler tries to download items very frequently. Hence, Increase the duration of the product sync option inside the Scheduler settings if using the Scheduler.


Items are not synchronizing even after attempting multiple times


Internet Connection Bandwidth or Connectivity Issue.


Please check your internet connection, if it is connected then check the speed and internet bandwidth.

1). The Product Sync process also depends on the system's performance. Therefore we have provided the System Performance Status feature inside the Webgility Desktop application.

2). The feature provides information related to RAM, available DISK space, CPU usage, and information about your Webgility database, its size, and performance.

Color Indications:

  • Green means that everything is good.

  • Red means there are some performance issues.

  • Performance Icon - The icon will turn red if a performance issue is found; otherwise, it will remain Grey in color.

1). The parameters are listed below, along with any associated troubleshooting.

Memory (RAM): If RAM is indicated in Red, you may have to run the Windows task manager and check if any apps are consuming too much RAM. You can also close any unused Web browser tabs to free up the RAM.

Disc Available (Main): If Disc Available shows up in Red, you may need to free up your system disk space. You may run the Windows inbuilt Disk cleaner to clear the disk, as it’s a really efficient tool. You may also remove unwanted files or programs that take up disk space.

CPU Usage: If CPU Usage is indicated in Red, you may start the Task Manager and check which apps have high CPU usage. You may want to close those apps or web browser tabs that are not in use. If nothing works, try restarting your PC.

Database (DB) Performance: If you find this in Red then refer to the below steps

2). Click on the Open DB Utility.

3). You will see the window below. You must close the Webgility application before selecting Yes, Run DB Utility.

4). Once you are done running the DB Utility, your Webgility database performance will improve.

You can also try to run the DBUpgrade tool, please refer to this article: How to Run DB Upgrade & Utility


Synchronized quantities of the marketplace items like Amazon (FBM), eBay, Etsy or etc but it is taking time, and the status of synced items are In Progress.


Due to the heavy load on marketplace servers, it takes some time for the marketplace to update the products.


Generally, once you sync the inventory quantity of items it takes 15-30 minutes of time to update the product’s quantity, price, etc.

Reduce the batch size of the sync products.


The product sync feature is not working for the online stores connected through Store Module Plugins such as Woocommerce & Magento.


Need to upgrade the store module Plugin with the latest version.


Log in to the customer portal of Webgility and from the home page, go to the download section and select the Module option.

Search the online store from the given drop-down and download the latest version of the Webgility Store Module.

Note: Please run the store module URL on a web browser. If your Store Module URL is customized, kindly DO NOT proceed with the upgrade and contact Webgility support instead.

The below mentioned article can help you find the Store Module URL in Webgility:

A customized module version always includes ‘-C’ after the version number, for ex, 343-C.


We may also see if an installed antivirus is interfering with the settings and preventing the application from functioning properly. If this is the case, please make sure that the Webgility folder antivirus is included in the anti-virus exclusions list.

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