How to Connect Webgility Online with ShipStation

Follow these steps to connect Webgility to ShipStation.

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1. Navigate to Settings > Connections & click the orange plus sign next to Shipping.

Note: if this is the first sales channel that you're setting up, read the getting started process, here.

2. Select Shipstation and click Continue.

Note: when you add ShipStation as a sales channel, it will also add ShipStation under the shipping area to download shipping fees.

3. Then, enter the following details.

  • Email address

  • API key

  • API secret

If you don't know these details, follow the below instructions.

How to Retrieve ShipStation Credentials

1. Log in to your ShipStation admin account and go to Account Settings. Under the account area click on API settings to retrieve the API Key and API Secret. If you don't see them here, click Generate.

2. Copy the details, add them to Webgility Online, and click Connect.

3. Once successfully connected, Webgility Online will begin downloading orders and shipments from your ShipStation account and display them in Webgility. By default, the last 30 days and shipped orders will be downloaded. If you wish to download older orders containing all statuses, you must adjust the settings in Connections.

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