How to Connect Webgility Online with Magento

Follow these steps to get Webgility connected with Magento.

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How to Connect Webgility Online with Magento

To integrate Webgility with Magento, you'll need to install the Webgility Store Module, which necessitates access to your Web Store's FTP Information. Kindly reach out to your System Administrator or Hosting provider to obtain these details.


1. Go to the Connections section and click on the ‘+’ symbol located beside the Sales Channel option.

Note: if this is the first sales channel that you are setting up, read the getting started process, here.

2. Select Magento, then click Next.

3. You’ll be redirected to the Install Store Module Tab.

4. The subsequent step involves downloading the Webgility Store Module file and installing it as a Magento extension.

5. Once the Webgility Store Module is downloaded, it will show the Next option at the button right corner then proceed with the Next option.

6. You will be directed to the "Enter Details" tab. Fill in the web address details and then proceed by selecting the "Next" option.

Note: In your store web address field, enter the location URL for the Webgility Store module. This is usually formatted like this:

7. You’ll be redirected to the Authorize Data Sync tab, here enter the Admin/Primary Username and Password of the Magento store and proceed with the Next option.

8. Another pop-up will appear, giving you the option to copy your sync settings from another connected store within Webgility Online. If you want to duplicate the existing settings, toggle the button to enable it, then choose the store from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, just select the "Finish" option.

9 Upon successful connection of the store, you will find the Magento store profile listed under the Sales Channel column.

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