1. Go to Settings > Connections and click the orange plus sign next to Sales Channel. Note that if this is the first sales channel you're setting up, read the getting started process, here.

2. Select Shift4Shop and click Continue.

3. Enter your store URL and click Continue.

4. Next, you will see a pop-up window. Enter your Shift4Shop admin username and password, then click Login. If you do not see this, ensure you do not have popups disabled in your browser.

5. Once logged in, install the Webgility app on the online store by authorizing it for access. You will then see a prompt announcing that you are ready to use Webgility. Click Close.

6. You can now go back to Webgility. Click Continue to be connected to Shift4Shop.

How to Access you Shift4Shop URL

1. To access your Shift4Shop Store URL, login to your Shift4Shop store and in the left-hand side navigation panel, navigate to Settings > General > Store, and copy the URL indicated for use in Webgility.

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