Process offline payments in Webgility
Follow these steps to process offline payments in Webgility Desktop
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The process of making an offline payment allows Webgility to capture payment details from the payment processor used to process payment of an online order.

This functionality only works if the online store the order is on is directly connected with the Webgility application.

From the Payment Settings option, you can process offline payments, or capture a previously authorized transaction.

1. To start, go to Integrations> Payments> Payment Settings.

2. Select Use my online store if payment processing is done in your online store. In this case, all your orders will be received with the status paid, and Webgility will download the transaction ID from your store if available.

3. Select Use Webgility to process offline payments if you'd like Webgility to handle the payment processing. Webgility Desktop supports and PayPal.

4. Select Use Webgility to CAPTURE payments that are AUTH-ONLY in my online store, if your online store has authorized the transactions but they are yet to be captured. This is only supported by and PayPal. Webgility must be able to download the transaction ID of the authorization from your online store in order to capture the payment.

Selecting a Payment Processor Use this option to configure, which will process payments for your online orders.

Enter the Merchant Login and Transaction Key provided by Select Capture amount from, then click Test Connection to so that your settings can be verified.

PayPal: Use this option to configure PayPal, which will process payments for your online orders.

Enter the Username, Password, and Signature provided by PayPal. Click Test Connection to PayPal to verify your settings.

PayPal Flow: Use this option to configure PayPal Flow, which will process payments for your online orders.

Enter the Partner, User, Merchant, and Password provided by PayPal. Click Test Connection to PayPal Flow to verify your settings.

QuickBooks Merchant Services: Use this option to configure QuickBooks Merchant Service, which will process payments for your online orders.

Generate a new connection Ticket then enter it in the required text box. Click on Test Connection to QuickBooks Merchant Service to verify your settings.

Process Offline Payments Using QuickBooks Merchant Services

QuickBooks Merchant Services can be used by Webgility to process the payment of orders offline. This can be used if:

  • No payment processor is connected to your online store to process payments.

  • If you process payments after an order has shipped or been received by the customer.

  • Your customers are wholesale customers and payment is processed later.

Using QuickBooks Merchant Services

  • Your QuickBooks Merchant Services account must be enabled for Ecommerce in order to be utilized by Webgility. Contact Intuit to enable your account.

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