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How to Set Up Granular Amazon Expenses and Fees
How to Set Up Granular Amazon Expenses and Fees

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This advanced functionality necessitates thorough setup and a comprehension of Amazon's expense and fee categorization. Each distinct fee category can be mapped to an individual account in your QuickBooks, demanding careful configuration.



1. To access the granular expenses and fees settings, log in to Webgility and go to your Amazon store as the Primary User.

2. Then, go to Integrations > Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings.

3. In the window that pops up, select Expenses & Fees.

You should also refer to the following guide for the Recommended Settings for Amazon with Webgility Desktop.

4. For each fee group, you will need to select the transaction type. For expenses, we recommend Check, and for refund transactions, Check/Deposit.

Click Setup next to the dropdown list to set up the transaction.

5. This screen displays the default settings for how expenses and fees will post to your QuickBooks. Click Enable Granular Posting to further map each specific fee type to a specific expense account within your QuickBooks.

6. In this example we have pulled in our Amazon Fees Expense Account and its sub-accounts from QuickBooks. After selecting the appropriate account for each fee type, save the settings and close the popup.

7. Repeat the above processes for setting up the refund transaction fees.


  • It is recommended that you review the meaning and applicability of each fee type for your specific situation.

  • Any fees left unassigned will default to the account from the transaction setup screen.

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