Looking to install Webgility on additional computers? Follow the below to get started.

  • To use Webgility in a multi-user environment, remember that all Webgility users need to be on the same Local Area Network and easily accessible to each other. Additionally, it is imperative that the admin computer has the accounting software already installed.

  • Additionally, Webgility needs to be running on the admin computer at all times when the add-ons are in use.

  • If you intend to use Webgility on only one computer, the above does not apply.

  • Have questions regarding installation? Use this guide.

How to get started

1. Download the Webgility installer from the downloads section of your account on www.webgility.com and utilize this guide.

2. Double-click the downloaded installer file and install the software on your computer using the default settings.

3. Once the install has been completed, double click the Webgility icon on your desktop and login using your Webgility credentials.

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