How to Archive Orders

Learn how and why to archive orders in Webgility.

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After an order has been posted to QuickBooks and the tracking information is in the store, you should move these orders to the Archive view in Webgility for future reference. The archive view is for orders that have gone through the entire workflow in Webgility. Once you have archived an order, you can view the details of the order and its history from the Archive view.

How to Archive Orders

1. Under the Orders View, select an order or orders.

2. On the bottom bar select More Actions, which provides the option to Archive. Select this option.

3. A message notifies asking whether you want to move the order to the Archived view. Click Yes to confirm.

4. A message notifies that the order has been successfully archived. Click OK.

5. Select the Archived view to view the order, or orders, that have been archived. You can further view the details of the order, history of the order, and even delete the order if it is no longer relevant.

Note: You can archive orders from most of the order workflow screens.

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