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Price Levels Not Downloading from QuickBooks
Price Levels Not Downloading from QuickBooks

Price Levels Not Downloading from QuickBooks

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Price Levels Not Downloading from QuickBooks

Webgility Desktop app allows you to sync prices between online stores and QuickBooks Financial based on different Price Levels.

To preserve sales and profit margins, sellers set different selling prices for their products on websites and marketplaces. For sellers, it can be challenging to remember to sync several custom prices on schedule.

Based on the defined pricing levels, Webgility Desktop's integration with QuickBooks Financial enables the synchronization of various custom item prices across multiple online stores and QuickBooks products.

What is Price Level in QuickBooks?

A Price Level allows you to set custom prices on specific items in QuickBooks.

This list of items and custom prices can then be assigned to one or more items on your online store.

To create a price level list inside QuickBooks Financial, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1). Go to List & select the Price Level List.

2). Add a new Price List based on different online stores.

3). Open the Price Level and set the custom price of items to sync based on the different connected stores.

You can view the sales price you specified when creating the item in the QuickBooks item list, but not the custom pricing you set at a different price level.

After updating the custom price of items inside the Item Price List of QuickBooks, download the latest data and settings inside the Webgility Desktop app.

Webgility app downloads the latest pricing information based on different price levels from QuickBooks.

Inside the All Products list in the QuickBooks section you will see the sales price of the QuickBooks product.

To sync the item price based on a specific price level, you will need to configure the sync settings.

Select the Sync Settings drop-down and choose the correct option from the ‘Download and Sync Item Price using Price Level’

Go to the Product Out of Sync option inside the Products menu. You will see the exact item price you have assigned inside the Quickbooks Price Level.

Synchronize the Price out-of-sync list.

This will update the corresponding price of QuickBooks-specific Item Level to Shopify Items.

For other store profiles you can follow the same process to sync the price level amount. Go to the Sync Settings from the different store profiles and select the accurate item price level

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