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Release notes for Webgility Online v8.7.0
Release notes for Webgility Online v8.7.0
Written by Lynaia Lutes
Updated over a week ago

Webgility Online version v8.7.0 is now live!

What’s new:

Magento2/Adobe Commerce is now integrated with Webgility Online.

Magento 2 is well-suited for companies with moderate to high sales volume and complex product catalogs. Magento2 is part of the Adobe Commerce platform, a leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce.

With this release Magento2/Adobe commerce customers can use Webgility Online for following use cases:

  1. Accounting automation: Timely, accurate syncing of ecommerce data to QuickBooks, including orders, tax, fees, and refunds.

  2. Inventory management: Sync prices, costs, and inventory between stores and QuickBooks, including MSI and non-MSI inventory with location.

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