How To Put SQL Services On Network

Put SQL Services On The Network

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How To Put SQL Services On Network

SQL services are needed on a network to provide access to data stored in a relational database across multiple users. It allows multiple users to quickly and securely access and manipulate data from the same database. SQL services also provide the ability to create and maintain databases, create new tables, modify existing tables, and query data from the database. This allows users to easily analyze data and create reports. Additionally, SQL services provide security features such as authentication, authorization, and encryption to ensure data is kept secure.


1). Type services in the Windows search bar and click ‘Open’

2). On the Services window, look for SQL Server [Intance name for Webgility], Right click on ‘SQL Server [Instance name for Webgility]’ and click Properties.

3). Click on ‘Log On’ and then click ‘Browse’

4). Type ‘Network’ and click on ‘Check Names’ button.

5). Click ‘Network Service’ or ‘Network’ and then click on ‘OK’

6). Remove the password from both fields and click on Apply> OK.

7). Right Click the SQL Server, and click Restart & now will show services on ‘Network Mode’

8). We need to perform the same steps on ‘SQL Browser’ as well.

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