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Error Loading Transaction - Please try again later
Error Loading Transaction - Please try again later

Learn how to resolve this error while posting refunds to QuickBooks

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Cause and Resolution:

This error typically occurs when posting a refund in QuickBooks Online. When the refund is posted as a credit memo, QuickBooks Online encounters difficulties in opening the refund transaction.

To resolve this, the user should adjust the refund posting settings in Webgility Online. Post the refund as a refund receipt instead of a credit memo. After unposting the refund, attempt to post it again to QuickBooks, and the refund should now be accessible in QuickBooks Online.


Step 1. Login to your Webgility Online account.

Step 2. Navigate to Settings> Accounting> Refunds.

Step 3. Select Refund Receipt under “Select type of transaction to record refund.”

Step 4. Save the refund settings.

Step 5. Unpost the refund.

Step 6. Post the refund again to QuickBooks Online.

If you’re still getting the same error while reviewing refunds in QuickBooks, then reach out to Support by initiating a chat.

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