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Business Validation Error: You can only use one foreign currency per transaction
Business Validation Error: You can only use one foreign currency per transaction

Resolve this error that occurs while posting refunds to QuickBooks

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We commonly encounter this error when processing Amazon refunds into QuickBooks Online using Webgility Online.

When utilizing the Amazon marketplace platform and engaging in the sale of products across various countries, it is imperative to acknowledge that payments will be received in diverse currencies. To accurately record these transactions in their respective currencies, it is advisable to utilize the multi-currency feature offered by QuickBooks Online.

To enable multi-currency in QuickBooks Online, refer to the following help article:

Cause of this error:

If accounts are not configured accurately, such as by ensuring consistency between the currency of the transaction, errors may arise during the posting of orders or refunds.

Steps to resolve:

Changes need to be made in QuickBooks Online: -
Kindly verify within QuickBooks Online whether there exists an account (for Ex- Refunds Adjustment) aligned with the currency of the refund transaction. If such accounts are not found, please proceed to create an account by adhering to the steps outlined below.

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.

  2. Navigate to the "Settings" menu.

  3. Choose "Charts of Accounts."

  4. Click on "New" to initiate the creation of a new account.

  5. Once the new account is established in QuickBooks Online, return to Webgility Online to retrieve the most up-to-date accounting data from QuickBooks Online.
    Consult the help article link provided below for detailed instructions.
    ​Download the Latest Data from QuickBooks in Webgility Online

Changes need to be made in Webgility Online: -

  1. Navigate to "Settings."

  2. Select the "Accounting" tab.

  3. Go to the "Refunds" section.

  4. Choose "Use the same type of transaction for all refunds?" and select the different transaction type from the dropdown menu.

  5. Under "Rule based on," select "Currency based."

  6. For the "Refund from" option, update the correct account based on the currency.

  7. Click on "Save."

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