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Unable to Connect Add-On Computer with SQL Database
Unable to Connect Add-On Computer with SQL Database

Unable to Connect Add-On User

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Unable to Connect Add-On Computer with SQL Database

Multiple reasons could be why you may not be able to connect your add-on machine with the SQL database and here are a few:

1. Incorrect database credentials

2. Network issues

3. Firewall restrictions

4. Database server issues

5. Database is down

Mentioned below are a few troubleshooting methods to try in order to connect your add-on user with the existing SQL database.


1). Go to C:\Webgility\UnifyEnterprise and right-click on ‘WgFirewall’ and run the application as administrator.

2). If you get the below error then select the first option.

This needs to be done on both computers, Primary and add-on.

3). Go to the Start menu on the computer where the SQL server is installed (Primary computer) and open ‘Allow an app through Windows firewall’.

4). Check mark all check boxes (Public, Private, and Domain if it's there) for all Webgility apps.

5). Now go to your add-on computer and log in to Webgility.

6). Upon logging in, you will be asked to install the Webgility Database or choose an existing database. Since you already have a database on the primary workstation, go ahead and click on 'Connect to an existing SQL Server’. Use the 'Locate SQL Server' drop-down to choose your existing SQL server. If you do not see the desired database in the list, click Browse for more options and it will load the database available in the network.

7). The existing SQL server should look like your Computername\databasename . The computer name will be the name of the main computer and the database name will be the name of the Webgility database (note: this is usually "UNIFY or WEBGILITY").

8). For the Authentication mode, please select Use SQL Server Authentication, enter the username and password mentioned below & click Connect.

  • Username: sa (both lowercase)

  • Password: Webgility2011 (W is in capital letters)

If the issue persists, please feel free to contact us.

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