How to Close the Scheduler Through Task Manager

How to Close the Scheduler Through Task Manager

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How to Close the Scheduler Through Task Manager

This usually occurs when you are trying to access the Scheduler settings or stop and exit the Scheduler from the System Tray area but fail. You may also need to kill the Scheduler using the Task Manager. If you have closed the Scheduler from the System Tray but it still shows green on the Dashboard. As the Scheduler runs in the background and sometimes because of ongoing scheduler tasks, it may not turn off in real-time that is why we would recommend killing the Scheduler processes using Task Manager.


1). On the computer, that runs Webgility, (it should be the computer that also runs the Scheduler) look for the Task Manager by searching for it using the Window’s global search option available on the Taskbar. Once you have opened the Task Manager then under Processes look for Webgility, expand the section look for the Scheduler process select it then click on End Task.

2). Another way to open the Task Manager is to use keyboard shortcuts i.e. the combination of the keys “Control+Alt+Delete and this will bring up a special system control menu called Windows Security, from which you can:
A). Lock your computer
B). Change your password

C). Sign out

D). . shut down the computer
E). Open the Task Manager You can navigate to Task Manager and follow the same process mentioned in section number 1 above.

3). Another method is to open Task Manager> go to the Details tab> look for UnifyScheduler.exe> select it and click on End Task to help you close the Scheduler app directly.

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