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Can’t Connect to Database

Can’t Connect to Database

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Can’t Connect to Database

Webgility connects to QuickBooks POS using the database file. There could be multiple reasons if Webgility is not able to connect to QuickBooks POS. Here are few things we can check to establish the connection between Webgility & QuickBooks POS.

Error Message:

Can't connect to database


  1. Ensure QuickBooks POS is logged in with the SysAdmin user.

  2. In Webgility Software go to Integrations> Accounting> Edit Connection, verify and update the correct details for the fields “Data file name”, “POS server computer name” & “POS version” & click Test Connection.

  3. If the issue persists then close the POS application on all the POS machines, on the POS Server machine go to Local Services, look for POS Database Manager & switch it to Network Service mode, and restart the services by right-clicking the POS Database Manager. Once done then launch POS again with the SysAdmin user & test the POS Connection again from Webgility Software.

  4. If the issue persists then in POS (on the same Webgility machine) goto File> Preferences> Company> Integrated Applications, remove all the certificates for the Webgility application and Scheduler & click on OK. Test the connection from Webgility Software and this should generate a connection certificate, you need to click on “Yes Always”, but in case if gives you a login popup for POS, please log in with the POS SysAdmin user (also make sure to check the box for remember me). It should give you a connection certificate, click on “Yes Always” and Save the configuration.

  5. Once connected successfully, you may click Save and close the window.

If the issue continues to persist, please feel free to contact Webgility Support.

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