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Error while creating an invoice, product service assigned to this transaction has been deleted
Error while creating an invoice, product service assigned to this transaction has been deleted

Learn how to resolve this error which occurs while posting orders to QuickBooks

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This error usually occurs when there is an attempt to create an invoice in QuickBooks that contains a product or service item that has been deleted or removed from the system.

How to resolve the issue?

Here are potential reasons and steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Check Product/Service Item Status:

    1. Ensure the product or service item assigned to the invoice exists in QuickBooks.

    2. If marked as inactive or discontinued, reactivate it in QuickBooks.

  2. Creation of Product/Service Item:

    1. If the item has been deleted or was never created in QuickBooks, recreate it before generating the invoice.

  3. Syncing Issues Resolution:

    1. Address any syncing problems between Webgility Desktop and QuickBooks.

    2. Resync the systems to ensure the availability of the product or service item in QuickBooks before invoice creation.


  1. Navigate to Integrations > Accounting POS/ERP > Posting Settings > Orders.

2. Click on the Setup button next to the Transaction Type (Invoice/Sales Receipt/Sales Order) & verify the account selected for Undeposited Funds.

3. Log in to QuickBooks, open Chart Of Accounts, and confirm that the account selected in Webgility is active.

4. If the account selected is active, please open the order that you are trying to post and verify the items of the order. Ensure that the items in the order are active in QuickBooks.

5. Once done, please download the latest data from QuickBooks following the path Integrations > Get latest data & settings.

6. Click “Download Data” to download the latest data from QuickBooks.

7. Once the data download process completes, try to post the order again to QuickBooks, and the order should post to QuickBooks.

Feel free to contact Support by initiating a chat if the problem persists.

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