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Multiple Currency Settings in Webgility Desktop
Multiple Currency Settings in Webgility Desktop

Multiple Currency Settings under Customer Set Up in Webgility Desktop

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Multiple Currency Settings

This segment provides functionality for managing a store that processes orders in various currencies.

Step 1

A). Enable Multi-Currency in QuickBooks before using it in Webgility. Skip if already activated and set up in QuickBooks.

Note: Once activated, the Multi-Currency feature in QuickBooks cannot be deactivated.

You can achieve this by navigating to QuickBooks and selecting Edit > Preferences > Multiple Currencies, and setting up desired currencies and chart of account in the respective currencies.

B). After this download data in Webgility using the steps mentioned here.

Step 2

Enable Multi-Currency in Webgility: After you've activated the Multi-Currency option in QuickBooks, check the box Map customer currency for Multi-Currency to work.

Once we enable Multi-Currency, we will see the option for Multiple-currency settings.

A: Setup Currency

B: Setup Standard Customer

Important: The "Setup Standard Customer" option is only available if you use "Standard Customer" for your store; otherwise, it will be grayed out. If you select the option to create a new customer, then set up a standard customer is available.

A). Setup Currency: This feature allows you to configure and map multiple currencies to their respective QuickBooks accounts. The currency from the online store needs to match the currency of the account it is posting into in QuickBooks

Depending on your requirements, you may choose between Map by Store Currency, Map by Country, and Map by Price Level.

Map By Store Currency: For instance, if you select Map by Store Currency. Then you must match the “Currency”, “A/R Account”, and “Deposit to Account” before clicking Save & Close.

Note: You may also configure Map by Country and Map by Price Level in the same way.

​Flag order with error status when currency is blank If you want the orders to be marked as errors if they don't have any currency, check the box in the bottom left corner.

Store Currency: In the bottom right box, you can specify the default store currency.

B). Setup Standard Customer: This option is only available if you select a Standard Customer for your store. It allows you to designate different Standard Customers to different currency types.

For each currency type, you must configure a default customer type.

Important: please ensure that the currency assigned to that customer in QuickBooks is correct (same).

Once you have completed the settings, click Save & Close.

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