How to sync cost in Webgility Online
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How to sync cost in Webgility Online

This article aims to guide you on maintaining the synchronization of item costs between your online store and QuickBooks Online through the use of Webgility Online's cost sync feature.

Note: The cost synchronization feature is functional exclusively with Shopify and BigCommerce integrations with QuickBooks Online, through Webgility Online.


1. Initially, sign in to the Webgility application by visiting

2. Navigate to Products > Cost.

3. Select the "Out of Sync" option from the dropdown menu to view items for which the cost is not synchronized.

4. Select the items that you would like to sync, and click on the Sync button.

5. When you click on the "Sync" option, you'll be required to select the "From" and "To" options from the drop-down menu.

For instance - If QuickBooks serves as your primary data source, you would set "From" to QuickBooks (Source) and "To" to Online Store (Destination).

6. Finally, you'll receive a notification confirming that the sync was successful.

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