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Release notes for Webgility Online v8.1.0
Release notes for Webgility Online v8.1.0
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Two-way cost sync is now available

Webgility Online customers who sell via Shopify or BigCommerce and have an eligible plan can now sync product procurement costs from their stores to QuickBooks or vice versa from a new space in the Products navigation.

  1. Under the Products navigation dropdown, select Cost.

  2. Select out-of-sync products.

  3. Define the direction of the sync.

  4. Select Sync.

This process is similar to Webgility Online’s existing Pricing (now “Price”) sync feature, where “Price” is what customers see on a product listing and “Cost” is the merchant's cost to procure the item.

When customers create products in Webgility, they'll see prices and costs reflected.

This release is ideal for business owners, accountants, and finance/store managers of small and medium-sized businesses.

But it's particularly valuable for customers currently using price and inventory sync features and those on Webgility Online’s Advanced plan who use inventory sync features.

This accurate cost alignment means Webgility can deliver more precise margin calculations.

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