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Historical Order download with Webgility Online
Historical Order download with Webgility Online

Historical Order Data download with Webgility Online

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Webgility Online allows downloads of orders within 90 days before the current date. To access older orders, purchase the add-on for historical data, surpassing the 90-day limit. For instance, you can retrieve orders from the previous year using this add-on.

Note: The Historical Addon easily retrieves past orders from all connected Webgility Online stores. Some stores, like eBay, have retrieval limitations. Contact our support team before purchasing for compatibility and optimal functionality.

Purchasing Historical Data Add-on:

1). Please visit Go to Customer Login > My Account and enter your login details. Follow the instructions as shown in the GIF below.

Downloading Old Orders with Historical Data Add-on

  1. Navigate to Connections

  2. Click Preferences for the sales channels for which you want to download the historical orders.

  3. Select the desired historical date.

  4. Click Save

Download the orders:

  1. Go to Sales > Orders

  2. In the New Orders tab, click the refresh button (as shown in the gif below)

  3. Wait for a few minutes.

  4. The historical orders will start appearing in Webgility Online

Note: If you face any difficulties feel free to initiate a chat with us or email us at

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