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How to Download Orders and Refunds in Webgility Online
How to Download Orders and Refunds in Webgility Online

How to Download Orders and Refunds in Webgility Online

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How to Download Orders and Refunds in Webgility Online

Learn the process of downloading orders and refunds in Webgility Online so that they can be further posted into your Accounting File, which is connected with the Webgility application.

This process needs to be performed when you want to download orders or refunds manually in the Webgility Online application from your connected sales channel.

If you have configured automation, the orders, and refunds will download automatically. If you haven't yet but want to learn how, check out this article here.


1. Go to to log in to Webgility Online.

2. Navigate to Connections.

3. Next, under the list of connected sales channels, click on Preferences for the sales channel from which you want to download orders.

4. From the Preferences, choose the date for downloading orders, then click Done. Starting on the selected day, Webgility Online will download orders and refunds simultaneously.

5. Other than the Order Download Date, the Status should also be set up so that all the orders that you would like to download and post into the accounting file, show up in the Webgility application.

"Status" is the order status of a particular order in your Online Store. If the same status is selected in Webgility, then only the orders for that particular status will be downloaded in Webgility.

If you would like to download all the orders irrespective of the order status, then select All.

6. Next, navigate to Sales> Orders or Sales> Refunds as per the requirement to land on the page from where you can download the Orders or Refunds.

7. Click Refresh to initiate the order download.

8. Navigate to the Refunds page and download the refunds.


If you directly jump on the last step and click on the refresh button to initiate the order download, Webgility will download the orders from the last download date, which is automatically set under the Order Settings page.

You will only need to perform Steps 1-4 if you would like to set a back date or a specific date when the order download needs to begin.

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