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Orders and Profitability Report in Webgility Desktop
Orders and Profitability Report in Webgility Desktop

Orders and Profitability Report in Webgility Desktop

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Orders and Profitability Report in Webgility Desktop

The Order Report option gives you daily insights into the orders downloaded in the Webgility Desktop application.

Order Report:

For the order report, go to Orders> Reports> Order Report

This will open another window for “Order Report”. Here, select the preferred date range to pull the daily order report.

With this daily order report, you can find out how many orders Webgility has downloaded, and what the total amount is for discount, shipping, and tax for that day from all those orders. You can also find out the daily sales total and number of refunds downloaded for that day.

Order Profitability Report in Webgility Desktop

With the order profitability report in Webgility Desktop, you can find out the total number of orders, and their total revenue amount for the selected date range.

You can also find out the total shipping and payment processing cost for a selected duration if you have these amounts available in the orders downloaded in Webgility.

With the revenue and cost amount available from the orders, Webgility can also calculate the profit and loss (Gross) amount for the date range selected.

For order profitability report, go to Order> Reports> Profitability Reports

This will open the profitability report window.

The upper section of this window will give you the option to pull the report based on date range, order status (based on store shipped, unshipped), and QuickBooks status (Posted to QuickBooks, Pending, or All).

The Midsection will show the report amounts for the orders.

Order detail table: The section below will show all the orders for the selected date range with some important amounts such as Order total, Tax, Discounts, Payment processor Fee, Shipping cost, and Net profit /Loss.

Exporting the Order Profitability Report:

If you need, you can also export this report to a CSV file format using the export option in the upper right corner of this window.

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