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Invalid Length for a Base-64 Char Array or String
Invalid Length for a Base-64 Char Array or String

Invalid Length for a Base-64 Char Array or String

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Invalid Length for a Base-64 Char Array or String

Encountering Base64 errors while using the Webgility store module for cart connections can be an issue you run into. These errors may occur when attempting to download orders or while testing the store connection.

Common Causes of Base64 Errors:

1). Inconsistent URL Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS):

Base64 errors may arise if the store module URL uses a different protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) than what is configured for the website.

2). Incorrect or Outdated Store Module URL:

Using an incorrect or outdated store module URL can trigger Base64 errors. Ensuring the accuracy and currency of the URL is crucial for proper integration.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1). Verify URL Protocol:

Check the store module URL's protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) in the Webgility Integration settings. If it doesn't align with the website's security settings, make the necessary adjustment to match the correct protocol. Go to Settings> Connection> Edit> Update Credentials, try replacing the HTTP with HTTPS or vice-versa, then test the connection.

2). Confirm Store Module URL:

To avoid Base64 errors, validate the store module URL. Access the latest URL directly from the store and update it in the Webgility Integration settings.

3). Update Store Module:

Ensure your store module is running on the latest version. Download and install the most recent store module version from For assistance, you may reach out to your developer.

If the Base64 error persists despite following the steps above, contact the Webgility support team. We will help investigate the ‘warn logs’ to pinpoint the exact error cause and involve our developer for further investigation.

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