The Remote Server Has Returned Error 400

The Remote Server has Returned Error 400

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The Remote Server Has Returned Error 400

The error "Remote server has returned error 400" typically indicates that the request made to the remote server was invalid or malformed. In the case of connecting an online store to the Webgility Application, this could be due to incorrect credentials, an invalid URL, or an incorrect request. It could also be because the remote server is rejecting the connection due to security or maintenance reasons.

Error Message:

Remote server has returned error 400


1). Whitelist below IP’s on you Magento server on your and then check the Store Connection. To check the store connection go to Integration> Stores> Manage> Edit Connection.




2). Share the below help article with your Web Developer to get it fixed.

3). If the issue persists please share your FTP and Store admin details in below format:

A). FTP Details

  1. Hostname:

  2. Username:

  3. Password:

  4. Port:

B). Online store admin access

  1. Store admin URL:

  2. Username:

  3. Access password:

Please feel free to let us know if you still have any issues or questions.

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