Setup Discount in Webgility Online

Setup Discount in Webgility Online

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Setup Discount in Webgility Online

If you wish to post each order separately as a sales receipt or invoice to QuickBooks and utilize Webgility Online to record discounts for QuickBooks Online, adhere to the following steps:


  1. Navigate to Sync Settings > Discounts.

2. Discount Settings allows you to select a discount line item to use when posting a discount to QuickBooks. Select Save to complete the settings.

Note: If you choose to keep this option turned off, Webgility Online will include online order discounts within the subtotal field of posted orders to QuickBooks, rather than recording the discount amount as a separate line item.

3. Within the Discount Settings section, Enable the option and choose the Discount Item that you prefer for recording your discounts, then click on "Save".

Note: This method ensures that Webgility Online will log the discounted price of online orders as individual line items rather than including them in the subtotal field.

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