Track location in QuickBooks Online

Track location in QBO

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Track location in QBO

Tracking inventory location in QuickBooks means keeping a record of the physical or virtual locations where your inventory items are stored or assigned within your business. This allows you to easily track and manage the whereabouts of your inventory, making it easier to fulfill orders, monitor stock levels, and organize your inventory management processes effectively.

To enable location tracking in Webgility Online, follow the steps below.

1). Navigate to Settings> Accounting> Transaction Settings.

2). On the Transaction Setting page, scroll down to Additional Settings and the option Track location in QuickBooks> Use this location in QuickBooks, click the dropdown and select the required QBs location and Save the settings.

Note: Note that QuickBooks Online does not track inventory in multiple locations, so currently allocated inventory can only be stored at a single location. Webgility can track the location of inventory as the sale is made, but not before that point.

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