How to check orders on Amazon Seller Central

How to check orders on Amazon Seller Central

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How to Check Orders on Amazon Seller Central

Sign in to your account on Seller Central. Click the Orders menu, and then click Manage Transactions. In the Search box in the upper right corner of the page, enter the account email address or the Amazon Reference ID / ORO ID, and then click Search.


1). Login to Amazon Seller Central with the admin credentials.

2). Click on Orders> Manage Orders:

3). Click on Order, then Manage Orders, to go to the Orders page to check the Seller-fulfilled Order or the FBA Orders.

4). Search Orders on Amazon:

In the above screenshot, you can see the FBA orders, and the orders can be searched by the order number or with the customer name in the top right corner search bar. If you want to search for backdated orders, you can apply a filter to a date range, such as monthly or yearly, and then click on search to check the backdated orders on Amazon.

If you want to search the seller-fulfilled orders, then click on the seller-fulfilled pending to check the Merchant orders on Amazon.

4). Search order with the Advanced Search:

On the same Manage Order screen, you’ll see the advanced search option to search for any orders in the Amazon store.

You can search for FBA or Merchant orders by using the Advanced Order Search option on Amazon. To search for any orders on Amazon, you must first enter the Order ID, Date, Order Status, Fulfilled By, and Sales Channel. Then click on the search button.

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