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My Account & Users - Webgility Online

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My Account & Users

Learn more about my account, such as: Users, Account settings (two-factor authentication), and activity logs.

1). Login to Webgility Online:

2). Click on the humanoid icon at the top right corner.

3). Click on My Account.

4). Users, If you want to add an add-on user for your Webgility online account, then enter the email address in the email field and click SEND to send the invite to additional users.

5). An invitation will be sent, and the user will be added to the user list. Add-on users need to accept the invitation and create a password for Webgility's online login. The status will change to active as soon as the user accepts the invitation.

6). Account Settings (Enable 2 Factor Authentication):

  1. Check the checkbox that says, “Enable 2-Factor Authentication” and click on Save to enable the 2-factor authentication.

  2. When enabled, 2-Factor Authentication will require a one-time passcode to be entered upon logging into Webgility. The passcode will be sent to the email address on file for the account.

  3. 9. In the activity log, the user's activity can be tracked user-wise or for all users. Admins can check the activity log for all the users, but add-on users can only check the logs for the activity performed on the add-on user account.

  4. 10. You can check the activity for a specific date by applying the filter “custom date range” where it says “All”. You can also check the activity log for a week, month, or year.:

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