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How is it possible for me to continue to use QB POS?

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How is it possible for me to continue to use QB POS?

While Intuit will no longer provide support or updates and QuickBooks Payments

will no longer function, your POS system could continue working for years.

Think of it like the operating software for your desktop. While software providers constantly make updates and invent new functionality, you are not obligated to update to the latest version. Many software companies build their legacy versions, so they continue to work, even though they aren’t developed further.

You can keep doing business as usual by switching to a supported Webgility plan and a new payment processor. Your success is important to us, so we created this partnership to help you easily change payment processors – and save some money.

Who is PaymentCollect?

Since 2010, PaymentCollect has been developing QuickBooks integration plugins and related infrastructure. It is the only company that offers a fully integrated solution for all QuickBooks products, including QuickBooks Online. Their simultaneous card-present and card-not-present deployment lets you take payments reliably through payment terminals, email links, and securely stored cards.

PaymentCollect works with North America's largest and most reliable payment processor to minimize support calls and maximize reliability and uptime. Our principles extend to our merchant pricing model. We believe in fair and transparent pricing.

What are your fees and rates?

Each customer is unique. We can provide an accurate estimate of fees if you complete the form on our website. Please note that you will need your three most recent month's statements from Quickbooks Payments downloaded in their original format. After submitting your interest form, Webgiltiy will provide instructions on submitting your statements, providing a side-by-side comparison.

Where can I find my current QB statements?

To find Quickbooks Payments statements go to Activity & Reports ▼ dropdown, select All Statements.

Note: You may also access this function from the Welcome page. Just select All Statements. You can see a more detailed walkthrough by visiting the Quickbooks help center.

Will you keep my QB POS system updated and patched?

After the October 2023 end-of-life of QB POS, Intuit will no longer offer QB POS security patches or updates. Additionally, Quickbooks Payments will no longer be functional with QB POS. Webgility Payments, powered by PaymentCollect, offers QB POS users a solution for their payment needs while they remain on QB POS. However, Webgility nor PaymentCollect offer QB POS software updates or security patches.

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