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How to Modify Your Plan
How to Modify Your Plan

How to Modify Your Plan

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*For customers who purchased after 10/11/2023: Your billing interface may look different. Please chat with support or reach out to if you require additional assistance.

How to Modify Your Plan

This article explains the steps to modify your current Webgility subscription plan.

1). Log in to your account on the Webgility My Account portal.

2). Once you are logged in to the My Account Portal, click on Plans and Usage on the left-hand panel.

3). Next on the Plan Details page, click on Modify Plan.

4). On the next page, under “WANT TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR PLAN? SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CHOICES:”, click Switch Plan and then click CONTINUE.

5). On the next page, it will give you the details of your Current Plan and what you will be getting in the New Plan

6). Scroll down on the same page, then click on the Confirm Plan Switch button

7). After you see the confirmation that your plan is modified to the new plan, go back to Plan and Usage page, and check your modified plan under Plan Details.

8). You have now modified your plan.

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