Missing Orders in Webgility Online

Missing Orders in Webgility Online

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Missing Orders in Webgility Online

There could be several reasons why some orders might skip and not download in Webgility Online. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Order already downloaded: If an order has already been downloaded previously, it may not be downloaded again. Webgility Online is designed to avoid duplicating orders to prevent errors and ensure accuracy.

  2. Order status: Webgility downloads orders based on the order status, so if the order status selected in Webgility doesn’t match the order status on the online store, it will not download.

  3. Integration settings: Webgility Online allows for the customization of integration settings. If the integration settings have been adjusted to exclude certain types of orders or customers, those orders may not be downloaded.

  4. Integration errors: Integration errors can occur if there is a problem with the connection between Webgility Online and the sales channel. If an error occurs during the download process, the order may not be downloaded.

  5. Sales channel limitations: Some sales channels may have limitations on the number of orders that can be downloaded at once. If this is the case, some orders may be skipped to stay within the limitations.

It is important to review the settings and configurations of Webgility Online and the sales channel to ensure that orders are being downloaded accurately and consistently. Here are a few steps to check and download missing orders.


1. If an order is missing in Webgility Online, please navigate to Sales> Orders, and search for the missing order/orders.

2. If the orders are not in the Webgility database, the first step is to check the order status of the missing orders on your online store. Once you have confirmed the correct status, you would need to select the same order statuses under the Preferences in Webgility Online.

3. To check the same, navigate to Connectins> Preferences> Order Settings Check the status that corresponds to the orders you want to download and click, “Save”.

4. Once done, please go to Sales> Orders, click the "Refresh Icon" to download orders and in a few minutes the orders should appear in your Webgility application.

If the issue persists, feel free to initiate a chat with us or send us an email at support@webgility.com

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