What is "Price Level" in Quickbooks?

What is "Price Level" in Quickbooks?

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What is "Price Level" in Quickbooks?

The Price Level is basically a terminology in Quickbooks, which defines a particular price for Quickbook items. In Webgility, items are downloaded without the Price Level defined for them. With the implementation of Price Level in Webgility, the price of the downloaded items will depend on the selected Price Level. If no Price Level is selected, the sales price of the item will be the same as that of the actual item in Quickbooks.

Below we show where you can create a Price Level in Quickbooks.

Types of Price Levels:

There are basically two types of price levels in Quickbooks:

  1. Fixed % Price Levels: A fixed % price level allows you to define a particular percentage on all the QB items. A user can select ‘increase’ or ‘decrease’ while creating the price level. When we retrieve this price level, we get the percentage value. If that is positive we increase the sales price and if it is negative value, we decrease the sales price of the item by that percentage

  2. Per Item Price Levels: A per-item price level allows you to set special prices on specific items. This list of items and special prices can then be assigned to one or more customers. QuickBooks takes care of the rest with no additional effort on your part.

To find the Price Level in Webgility. go to Products> Settings> Sync Settings

In Sync Settings you will be able to see all the price levels in the Download and sync item price using price level: dropdown. The dropdown will show the Price Levels that have been defined in QuickBooks.

Whenever the Price Level is changed in Webgility, you will need to refresh the QuickBooks data. Select: Integrations> Get Latest Configuration Data, then select Re-Download All Data.


Webgility is supporting Price Level for Quickbooks Desktop. We are not supporting Quickbooks POS, Quickbooks Online, or NetSuite.

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