NetSuite Menu Guide

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NetSuite Menu Guide

The following information will help you find different options and menus required for Webgility Desktop integration with NetSuite.

Enable 2 FA in NetSuite

  • Go to Setup> Company> Enable-Feature

  • Go to Suite Cloud

  • Go to Manage Authentication and check TBA and Save

Assign Full Access to a User

  • Create a New user or user existing user

  • Go to List> Employee

  • Select User and Go to Role to assign full access

Generate Consumer and secret key

  • Go to Setup> Integration> Manage Integration

  • Select Existing or Create New

  • Save keys

Generate token id and token secret key

  • Go to setup> User Role> Access token

  • Select Existing or Create New

  • Save key

Get Account ID

  • Go to Setup> Integration> Web service preference

  • Save Account ID

Transaction settings

  • Go to Setup > Company > Classifications > Departments

  • Go to List> Accounts

  • Go to setup> Account> Account List

Auto Generate Customer ID

  • Go to Setup> Company> Auto Generate Number

Search Customer in NetSuite

  • Go to the List> Relationship> Customer

Search Item in NetSuite

  • Go to the List> Account> Item

Custom fields are available in three level transaction item and customer

  • Go to the customization> form> transaction form

Setup Tax and Tax Group

  • Go to setup> company> tax

Setup Permission issue

  • Go to Customization> Form> Transaction Form

Select Template and click on Edit

  • Go to Screen field> Main and enable the field for display on transaction templates

Check the NetSuite log

  • Go to Setup> Integration> Web services usage log

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