How To Download Orders From a Backdate

Download Webgility Desktop orders from a backdate

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Download Webgility Desktop orders from a backdate

We sometimes require downloading orders from a backdate when Webgility skips an order. It could be due to order statuses that are not selected to download or if you wish to download historical orders. By default Webgility allows you to download orders from the last 90 days. Should you wish to download orders older than 90 days, you would need to purchase an add-on to proceed.

Steps to download orders from a backdate

  • In Webgility go to Dashboard and click on the dropdown Get New Orders button and click Orders By Range.

  • You will get a Download Settings window where you need to set a date from where you want to download the orders, click Save & Close.

  • Once you set the date click on the Get New Orders button again and this will download orders from that specific date range.


The date selection options will vary by the type of shopping cart or marketplace you have connected. Some carts will have a start and end date and others allow you to organize downloads to the very minute.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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