New Orders not downloading in Webgility Online

New orders not downloading in Webgility

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This article was developed in an attempt to cover all the generic steps that can be followed if the orders are not downloaded on Webgility from the online store.


1. Check the Store Connection: To check the store connection, click on the Connections button (bottom left) and click on Reauthorize under the Sales Channel section. In the new dialog box you need to ensure the correct store name and then hit NEXT, click NEXT again to Authorize Data Sync, it opens a new dialog box to sign into your store and then reconnection with the store is done.

Warning: In any given scenario, do not disconnect the online store and reconnect in Webgility, as that will clear all the previous data and settings.

2. Check the Order Download Settings and set the Order Download Date. To check the Order Download Settings, click on Connections. Under the Preferences option, you would be able to select the order status, which needs to be downloaded from the online store. Also, make sure to set the correct date to download the orders, and then click on Done.

3. Download Orders. Access Sales > Orders. Click on the Refresh button and the orders will appear in the New Orders tab.

Always check if the orders are already downloaded in the Webgility in case they are stuck in the Errors tab or moved to the Ignored tab.

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