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How to create transactions based on "Sales Channels" in Webgility Desktop
How to create transactions based on "Sales Channels" in Webgility Desktop

This option is helpful when you need to separate and post orders to accounting based on sales channel

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When we state transactions based on sales channels, we are referencing the internal separation of the channels created on the online store.

For example, one Big Commerce store might have multiple channels listed inside itself on the back end to receive orders.

If a Shopify store has multiple shipping locations listed, then by enabling the below option, all the different shipping locations available on the Shopify store will show up as sales channels in Webgility under the same Shopify store.

We need to make sure that the settings for Create Transactions based on Sales Channel is activated under Advanced Settings from the Stores tab.

After activating it, we will go to Integrations> Accounting> Posting Settings

Click on Post differently based on sales channel as shown below.

Create the setup of each sales channel along with the transaction type from the drop-down.

(Make sure to always select Anything Else in the last drop-down for Sales channel and set it up)

For amazon:

For Shopify:

(If multiple locations are available on Shopify, they are listed as sales channels)

For Invoice, configure the setup as shown below.

For Sales receipt configure the setup as shown below.

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