How to delete orders permanently in WD

How to delete orders in Webgility Desktop

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  1. If you need to delete an order from the Webgility application click on the New Orders tab. Select the orders that you wish to delete by right-clicking to get the contextual pop-up menu, then select the delete option.

2. Once deleted the orders will move to the Trash tab. From the Trash tab, you may select these orders again and Delete them permanently from the Webgility application.

Once in the trash, you have two options:

1. Restore the order to where it was prior with Undo Empty

2. Purge it from Webgility entirely via Empty Trash


  • The deleted orders can be restored from the deleted tab.

  • If you have permanently deleted those orders they can be downloaded again by using Get New Orders or selecting the correct filter of date or order number.

  • Make sure you do NOT delete the Posted Orders, as the transaction would still remain in your Accounting system. If you wish to remove the order from accounting, use Undo-Sync, then Delete the order in Webgility.

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