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How to Configure Default Shipping Settings
How to Configure Default Shipping Settings

How to Configure Default Shipping Settings

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How to Configure Default Shipping Settings

The default shipping settings will assist you in predefining settings if you are using the Webgility Shipping module to process shipping so that labels can be generated faster.

Once you have integrated your Shipping provider to Webgility Desktop, go to Shipping> Automation Rules.

This will open the shipment settings window.

Here, go to Shipping rules> Default settings for each processor> Configure

Here you can configure the settings for each shipping processor you have connected with Webgility Desktop.

Under the Action tab, click on Configure, and it will open another window with options such as a signature or delivery confirmation, declared value, additional package weight, default phone no, etc.

You need to view the options available on this page and select them as per your preference for shipping.

Below is the snapshot of the default shipping settings for

Delivery Confirmation: Using this option, you can define if you need signature confirmation or not.

Reference 1 and 2: These fields can be used to mention order no and date as reference for shipping.

Declared Value: The shipment value that the shipper declares in order to increase the default responsibility limits outlined in the terms and conditions of the bill of lading is known as the declared value. You can select it as “Order total” or “Other” to show your preferred value in the shipment.

Weight: This allows you to choose the “order weight” or “default weight” that you would like to enter for shipment.

Additional Package Weight: You can check this box and enter the additional package weight if required.

Weight Unit: Here you can select the units for the weight such as LBS or OZ.

Default Phone No: Here you can enter the contact number which will appear by default on the labels.

Default for Domestic Labels: Configure these settings for orders with domestic shipping addresses. Here you can configure the preference for settings such as shipping service, package type, dimensions, print, etc.

Enable International Shipping Labels: Select this option if you need to process shipping for orders with international shipping locations. Once selected, you will find another tab available as Default for International Labels to configure your preferred settings.

Default shipping settings for other shipping providers:

If you have integrated other shipping processors with Webgility such as FedEx, stamps, UPS, and others, then you will also find them showing under the Shipping> Automation Rules> Shipping rules> Default settings for each processor

You can then click on Configure to the right of each of the shipping providers to set your shipping settings preferences.

For other shipping providers, most of the shipping settings would be similar to what we discussed for above, however, the shipping services available and offered may differ.

Below are the snapshots for the shipping settings of Fedex.

Below are the snapshots for the shipping settings of UPS.

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