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How to fix the error "Receipt is not balanced" in QBPOS & Webgility Desktop

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The error "Receipt is not balanced" typically occurs when there is a discrepancy between the total amount of the order and the sum of the individual items or payments associated with the order. This error can occur while posting an order from Webgility Desktop to QuickBooks.

Here are some of the possible reasons why this error may occur:

1). Incorrect data entry: If there is an error in entering the order data, such as a typo or missing information, it can cause the receipt to become unbalanced.

2). Taxes and discounts: If there are taxes or discounts associated with the order, they may not have been entered correctly or may be applied incorrectly, causing the receipt to be unbalanced.

3). Payment discrepancies: If the payment for the order is not properly recorded or there are discrepancies in the payment amount, it can cause the receipt to be unbalanced.

4). Currency exchange rate: If the order is in a foreign currency and the exchange rate is not accurately reflected in QuickBooks, it can cause the receipt to be unbalanced.

To resolve this error, you should check for any data entry errors and ensure that all taxes, discounts, and payments are entered correctly. You may also need to verify the currency exchange rate if the order is in a foreign currency. Once you have identified and corrected the issue, you can try posting the order again.


Here are the steps to resolve the issue

1). Check the tax settings in Webgility Desktop. Please go to Integrations> Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings> Sales Tax.

2). Ensure that the tax location selected in Webgility Desktop has a 0% tax rate defined in POS.

1). Verify that the tax item selected in POS is a non-inventory item.

2). Save the settings in QBPOS and re-download the data in Webgility by going to Integrations> Get Latest Data & Settings

3). Double-check that the item mapping is correct. If any of the inventory items are mapped with a discount item, it may result in negative pricing and cause a mismatch in the order total. Please ensure that the item mapping is accurate and that no inventory items are mapped with discount items.

4). If the item in the order is a group item, please check the option Sync price of group items before posting, under Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings> Orders> Transaction settings, and click Save & Continue

Please feel free to reach out to Webgility Support for additional help if needed.

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