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Post orders based on currency

How to post orders based on currency

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This scenario is applicable when you are accepting foreign currency orders from your online store. Webgility Desktop Software doesn’t support currency conversion so you will have to make sure that your Quickbooks has the Multi-Currency feature enabled. Webgility Software will enable you to create different rules for posting orders on the basis of currency.


Make sure that the feature for Multi-Currency is enabled in your Quickbooks, if not then enable it by logging into Quickbooks as Admin and switch it to single-user mode. Once done navigate to Edit> Preferences> Multiple Currencies> Company Preferences> Yes, I use more than one currency> select your home currency> OK.

Configuration in Webgility Software

1). In Webgility navigate to Integrations> Get latest data and settings> Quickbooks data and settings> Select Other Data> Download Data.

2). Now navigate to Integrations> Accounting> Posting Settings> Customers> Multiple Currency Settings> enable Map customer currency> Setup Currency and there you can set different rules for mapping currency.

Rule 1: Map by Store currency

Here you can add all the different currencies available at your store and map them with their respective currencies from Quickbooks along with that you can also map A/R Account and Deposit to Account for each mapping and save. This configuration will allow you to create transactions in Quickbooks on the basis of the currency showing on the order from the online store.

Rule2: Map by country

Here you can add and map currencies with their respective countries. This configuration will allow you to post currencies in Quickbooks transactions on the basis of the country which is downloaded within the order.

Rule3: Map by Price Level

Here you can map currencies with the price level from Quickbooks. This particular configuration will allow you to post currency in Quickbooks transactions on the basis of the price level set on the customer matched in Quickbooks. In this case, if all the orders are going to a standard customer then Webgility would apply the same currency to all transactions.

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