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How to set the Suffix/Prefix for the QuickBooks transaction
How to set the Suffix/Prefix for the QuickBooks transaction
This article explains how to Add a Suffix or Prefix to a transaction in QuickBooks
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Please follow the steps below in Webgility Desktop to add a suffix and/or prefix to the QuickBooks transaction.

Go to: Integrations> Stores> Advanced Settings

In the Advanced Settings, suffixes and prefixes can be set up and added to the transaction post in QuickBooks.

For example, the suffix is "WD" and the prefix is "WO" in the image of the advanced settings below.

(Note: This advanced setting can be used as a prefix, suffix, or both, and the option to add the prefix for customer matching is also available.)

According to the settings, QuickBooks will append the prefix and suffix to the transaction once the order has been posted.

(Note: We cannot use the suffix and prefix setting while also using transaction numbering configured as Use QuickBooks Numbers in the posting settings.)

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