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Release Notes for Webgility Desktop v9.5.4
Release Notes for Webgility Desktop v9.5.4

Release Notes for Webgility Desktop v9.5.4

Written by Shivpal Singh Raghuwanshi
Updated over a week ago

Clover POS is now available for all Webgility customers using QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Connect Clover POS to QuickBooks Desktop to sync orders to your accounting solution automatically. Manage products, inventory, and fulfillment with Clover from Webgility.

Updates to Amazon reconciliation for Webgility customers using QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop:

Updates to Amazon credit memos when posting group items in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Previously, if an item price was different in a group item order from a group item in QuickBooks Desktop, the totals wouldn't match between QuickBooks and stores. We created an adjustment to account for the amount difference in the case of sales and return transactions.

Custom requests now available to all Webgility customers:

  • Post order descriptions in sales transactions in the new "QuickBooks Description + Product Option" field.

  • Track product quantities by checking or unchecking "track qty" in BigCommerce on the basis of accounting.

  • Associate orders to specific customers in QuickBooks according to Shopify POS locations.

  • Download shipping insurance.

Issues fixed

  • Handling multiple fees with multiple payouts in Shopify

  • Orders were getting fully paid when a partial payment was received on Payouts

  • Stamps error while getting rates.

  • Getting incorrect message when opening Product Catalog

  • Amazon Return orders getting downloaded automatically

  • Quickbooks Connection messaging enhancement.

  • QuickBooks description not showing correctly on the packing slip

  • Compare at price not working while loading page

  • Order not posting to QuickBooks when "Do not post order with zero amount" is checked.

  • After Running DB Utility, DB performance is still showing red.

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