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Release Notes for Webgility Desktop v9.5.3
Release Notes for Webgility Desktop v9.5.3

Check out our release notes for Webgility Desktop v 9.5.3

Written by Shivpal Singh Raghuwanshi
Updated over a week ago

The following enhancements and updates have been provided in this release.

Amazon Reconciliation flow using the scheduler (automation)

Amazon customers no longer need to manually reconcile each settlement report and wait for the process to complete. Reconciliation automation can be enabled in the scheduler settings.

System Matrix: Show the System Performance Indicators page on Dashboard

Webgility Desktop users are now able to select the System Performace view from the Webgility Dashboard page. Now the user can quickly identify what is causing their application to slow down. The feature includes information on database size, performance, and action items, along with system memory usage. A color-coded indicator (Green or Red) is also displayed to help users quickly determine the issue.

Introducing an Extended Login Feature to Reduce Remote Access for Issue Investigation

To reduce the need for remote access and provide more detailed logs, we've introduced an extended login feature that may be enabled from the portal. Once enabled, this feature sends the user's error logs to our server, making it easier for the tech team to investigate any system-specific or random issues.

Improve Reconnection UX for QB

We have now added actionable messaging to customers for better handling of QB connection errors in order to reduce support cases.

Other features and enhancements requested by the customers

  1. Handle Wix Gift card payment.

  2. Provide a Wix store option for handling Split payments.

  3. Download extra fees as an order line item from Magento 2.

  4. Amazon Reconciliation Enhancements - Show valid messaging or auto-handle errors at the time of reconciliation posting.

  5. Shopify Compliances: Need to add new scope for post-to-store and Add Shipment functionality.

  6. Payout posting issue due to multiple payment methods (partial payment).

Issues Fixed

  1. Amazon - FBA Reversal Reimbursements Adjustments Enhancements

  2. Amazon refund receipt business validation for QBO

  3. Amazon connection still on cart flow

  4. Shipping charges not downloading as a taxable line item.

  5. Shipping amount not downloading with orders

  6. Payout posting issues with payment process fees

  7. UOM not posting to POS

  8. Unable to post report due to error on Inventory Adjustment

  9. Getting System out of memory error while opening the eBay product list

  10. Unhandled exception while scrolling in the order detail tab

  11. (Sync settings) Unable to save on hand qty setting.

  12. Unable to sync zero quantity to eBay store

Professional Services

  1. Download Customer Segment from Magento 2 and post in QuickBooks Desktop US custom field.

  2. Set custom field while posting order to QuickBooks Online US and Set item category as SKU while creating item in QuickBooks Online.

  3. Auto-select the inventory site if sufficient qty is not found or multiple inventory sites have qty.

  4. Enhancement EDI customization: Handle multiple 846 files while syncing inventory.


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