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To add a new store to integration in Webgility, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Log in to your Webgility account and navigate to the Integrations section.

  2. Click on Stores, and then select the option to add a new store.

  3. Choose the Clover to add to the list of supported platforms. This is where you would select the store type you wish to connect.

  4. Once you've selected the store type, you should be prompted to enter some additional information, such as your store's name. Give your store a name that is easy to recognize and click "Continue" to proceed with the integration.

  5. Once you click on “Continue” Webgility Desktop opens a next page in which the user needs to put their Clover merchant ID and AccessToken

  6. To get a merchant id you need to log in to your Clover account click here to log in.

  7. Go to "Account & Setup" then "About Your Business" section then click on the "Merchants" link

  8. Once you click on "Merchants" then you will see all of your Merchant accounts. Now you need to copy the "Merchant id" for the account which you want to connect and paste it into the Webgility Desktop application Merchant ID text box.

  9. Now to get an access token, go to "Account & Setup" then under "Business Operations" there is an option "API Token" Click on that, and it will open a page to generate an access token, now you need to click on "Create New Token"

  10. Once you click on "Create New Token", it will open a popup in which you need to enter the name of the token and select its permissions.

  11. Now you enter the name and check the permission check box as per the above screenshot then you need to click on "Create Token". It will create a new token, now you need to click on the eye icon after which you will be able to see the token, and also the "Copy" button is enabled. Now you need to click on the "Copy" button and then paste that value in the Webgility application access token text box.

  12. Once you enter the merchant id and access token then click on Continue. Now Webgility Desktop will connect with your Clover

  13. Enter your business contact information. (Note: The fields with red asterisks are required.)

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