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Release Notes for Webgility Online v7.3.0
Release Notes for Webgility Online v7.3.0
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Webgility Online (WO) release version v7.3.0 is now live!

What's new?

  • Walmart store owners can now automatically download and record refunds to QuickBooks using Webgility. Reconciliation of your Walmart account is now easier, and your financial statements will be more complete.

  • eBay refunds are now downloaded through the latest fulfillment APIs. This will solve missing refunds issues faced by eBay customers.

  • eBay stores data is now available in Analytics.

  • Shopify store owners can now create different types of transactions based payment methods by using rule based syncing.

  • Webgility online is now compliant with Shopify 2023-01 APIs.

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