This article outlines how to configure order download settings in the Webgility desktop application.

Each store (or sales channel) you have connected to Webgility has its own store settings.

Some settings may vary depending on the sales channel and the type of accounting platform you are using so we are showing the configuration of the generic settings.

Store Settings

In order to go to Store Settings, go to the Integrations menu and select store settings.

The Store Settings configuration window will open.

(Section 1)

Download? Online Order Status

Here you select the order status or statuses to download into Webgility from your online store and post to QuickBooks. For example, you can select to download orders when they are Paid and Unshipped or when the orders are set to Paid and Shipped.

If you only want to download the orders once they are paid but unshipped on the store, select the appropriate status. Keep the other order status unchecked that you do not want to bring over to Webgility and post to QuickBooks.

Note: It is important to note here that if you are already using Webgility and are facing the issue wherein the orders are not posting into QuickBooks due to an error ‘Payment is Pending’ then you need to change the Process Payment settings to download orders to No, Mark as Paid as per the next screenshot.

(Section 2)

Process payment and Process Shipping

These are the identifiers of payment and shipping status. Webgility does not get the payment or shipping status of the orders, it just gets the order status information. If you want to show an order status as Paid then choose “No, Mark as Paid” from the dropdown.

If you want to create payments for the invoices or want to post them as Sales Receipts, then select the “No, Mark as Paid” option for the order status.

If you want to show the orders as unpaid in Webgility, select the “Yes” option from the dropdown.

Similarly, If you want to show the order as shipped in Webgility, then select the “No, Mark as Shipped” option in the Process Shipping dropdown and select the “Yes” option if you want to show it as unshipped in Webgility.

(Section 3)

All other orders: This dropdown shows two selections: Don't Download and Download in Ignore tab.

Don't Download: Any order status that is unselected in the main order download settings above will not be downloaded, this is a preferred setting.

Download in Ignore Tab: Any order status that is unselected in the main order download settings above will download in Webgility but not show in the New Orders section, it will show in the Ignored orders section. It is recommended to not select this as it requires a manual action to check those ignored orders and redownload them manually and post them if needed.

Download orders from: Sets the order download start date.

Starting from order number: Set an order number to start downloading the orders from that order number onwards. We can also set 0 here if there is no specific order number we want to set. This option may not be available for all store types.

Order time zone: This is to set the order Time Zone which is configured in the store.

(Section 4)

Download Options

  • Get credit card details (If available): If credit card details are available in the order selecting this option can download the credit card details (in an encrypted format).

  • Get discounts as a line item: Use this option to get the discount as a line item in the order.

  • Get refunds and record in: This option can be used to record partial refund amounts in orders wherein only the amount has been refunded with the item. The dropdown will give you the list of items that exist in your accounting file so you can choose one. Ideally, it should be a Non-Inventory item.

  • Get shipping charges as a line item: Use this option to get the Shipping charges as a line item in the orders.

  • Get sales tax as a line item: This option can be used to download sales tax as a line item in the orders. This is specifically useful if you do not have sales tax configured in your accounting file and you want to record the tax in an item (non-inventory). The dropdown will give you the list of items that exist in your accounting file so you can choose one.

  • Do not detect refund orders: Checking this option will not detect refunds on downloaded orders in Webgility for the selected order statuses. This should be selected only if you do not want Webgility to detect the refunds on the store and record them in accounting.

  • Get order status to detect refund: Select an order status (apart from the ones already selected on this page earlier) for which Webgility can detect the refunds and record the refunds in accounting. You can not choose a status that is already selected in the main order download settings.

Order Processing settings

Post to store

Webgility has the capability to update the status of the order in the online store upon fulfillment. (This option may not be available for all online store platforms)

  • Specify how to update orders after completion: This setting will update the order status using the settings in the dropdown.

  • Send order completion email from the online store after processing: Webgility will trigger your store to send a shipping confirmation or order completion email if order completion emails are set up in your online store.

  • Enable order acknowledgment: This option will enable the order acknowledgment of orders once we post to the store. (Order acknowledgment option is not available on all store platforms)

  • Update the order status if it is acknowledged: This option will update the order status once we acknowledge the order.

  • Re-download feature: Enabling this option will allow Webgility to re-download orders by using the Re-download Order setting in Webgility.

After configuration make sure you select Save & Continue to save all settings before closing this configuration panel.

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