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How to Post Transactions Based on the Online Store Order Status
How to Post Transactions Based on the Online Store Order Status
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Webgility Desktop allows you to post online store orders into QuickBooks based on their order status. This means you can set different transaction types and accounts for orders with different online store order statuses. For example, you may want to post an Open status order as Invoice into QuickBooks and a Closed status orders as sales receipt. Learn how below.

1. Download orders with different statuses from your online store. To do this, first you need to select the order status that you want to download in Webgility and post to QuickBooks. Navigate to Integrations > Stores > Settings.

2. Your order download settings will then open and show all of your online store order statuses. Select the status of the orders you need to download and post into QuickBooks. Click Save & Continue.

3. Then configure posting settings to post orders differently based on their order status by navigating to Integrations > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings.

4. Navigate to Orders > Posting Rules, under Select how to post orders choose Post each order individually.

5. Then under Select the transaction type for posting orders select the option to Post differently based on order status.

6. Now, select the order status and then choose the desired transaction type to post orders into the QuickBooks.

7. Under the Setup Tab, you will be able to define the template, terms, sales rep, transaction class, and chart of accounts from QuickBooks.

8. You can click on the + icon to add another order status and set up rules for it.

9. After all the order statuses and rules are defined, it is mandatory to set up a rule for Anything Else. Then click Save & Continue to finish.

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