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How to Use and Configure the Post-to-Store Feature
How to Use and Configure the Post-to-Store Feature
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Webgility Desktop has a feature to post shipping information back to the online store.

If you use either the Webgility Desktop application or QuickBooks Shipping Manager to process the shipping of online store orders, then this feature is very useful to send the shipping tracking details back to the online store as well as changing the order status to Completed or Shipped.


1. In order to configure the Post to Store settings, log in to Webgility Desktop and navigate to Integrations > Stores > Settings.

2. Then scroll to the Order Processing tab.

3. For Specify how to update orders after completion, choose what order status you want to update your online store to after the completion of the order.

4. Select Yes For Send the order completion email from the online store after processing. This triggers an email to the customer after the status is updated in the store. Note: Your online store must be set up to send emails to the customers upon the order status update.

Important Items to Remember

  • Post to Store can only be done once, it is most commonly done when the order is shipped.

  • You are shipping through Webgility Desktop in Webgility or downloading shipping details from QuickBooks transactions using QuickBooks Manager.

  • Using Post to Store, only details such as tracking id, shipping method, and the shipping carrier will be updated on the order in your online store.

  • The configuration screen for Post to Store may vary slightly based on the store platform you are using.

Once these settings are configured, you can use the Post to Store feature.

Post to Store from New Orders Tab

1. If you try Post to Store from the New Orders tab either without posting the order to QuickBooks or without processing the shipping, or both, you might end up getting a notification that Shipping and QuickBooks posting are pending. In this case, the orders downloaded in Webgility must be processed before posting the updates back to the store.

2. If the shipping in the order has been processed but the order is not yet posted to QuickBooks, you can still post the order update to the online store.

3. Select the order for which you have processed the shipping and click Post to Store.

4. If the order is not posted to QuickBooks, it will prompt you that The payment or QuickBooks status is still pending. Would you like to continue? If you wish to continue, click Yes. If not, post the order first to QuickBooks and then follow the same steps from the Posted Orders tab.

5. You can also select the order, right-click on it, and click Post to Store.


Once the Post to Store is complete, it can not be reversed through Webgility. You will need to make any changes manually in your online store.

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