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How to Manually Import an Amazon Settlement Report into Webgility Desktop
How to Manually Import an Amazon Settlement Report into Webgility Desktop
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Why do I need to import the settlement report manually?

It is required to manually download and import settlement reports into Webgility for periods exceeding 120 days. This is essential due to an Amazon limitation, as settlement reports older than 120 days are not provided by the platform.

Steps to be followed in the Amazon Seller Central Account:

To manually import an Amazon settlement report, you will need to download it from the Amazon seller central account. The report should be downloaded in the Flat File V2 format. Here's how:

1. Log in to your Seller Central Account.

2. Navigate to Reports > Payments > All Statements.

3. Click Download Flat File V2 against the Settlement Period.

4. Save the file on your computer.

5. Once the Flat File V2 for the settlement report is downloaded, you can manually import the settlement report into Webgility.

Steps to be followed in Webgility Desktop:

6. Navigate to Orders > Amazon > Settlement Report

7. Once you are on a settlement report page, you will have the option to import it manually. Navigate to Get Reports > Click on the Dropdown > Manual Import.

8. Click Browse to upload the downloaded Flat File V2, the Amazon settlement report, then click Import.

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